Apple has further increased its lead as the top smartphone manufacturer in the US, the iPhone increasing its market share by one point from 41.6% in Dec 2014 to 42.6% in March 2015, according to comScore. There was no change in the rankings, with Samsung in second place at 28.3% – a fall of 1.4% – followed by LG, Motorola and HTC.

Android remained the most popular platform, with 52.4% of the market against iOS at 42.6%. Windows, Blackberry and Symbian were all also-rans, totalling just 5% between them.

comScore also reported the top 15 smartphone apps … 


Looking at iOS and Android installations combined, Facebook was the most popular app, installed on 69.5% of smartphones, YouTube second at 55.9%. Other popular apps include Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook Messenger, Pandora, Gmail and Instagram.

Smartphone ownership in the US increased by 3% to 187.5M people.

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