If you want the security of knowing your voice, text and picture messages can’t be intercepted, direct peer-to-peer communication with end-to-end encryption is the gold standard: and that’s what BitTorrent offers with its Bleep app.

Every conversation is between you and your friends. There is no cloud to hack because messages are never stored in the cloud.

For text messages and photos, Bleep offers the choice of Whispers – where both text and images disappear when they’ve been read – and Messages, which stores them locally on the device. You can also make voice calls with the same peer-to-peer encrypted technology … 


The usual caveat of course applies to Whispers: anything which appears on the screen of any device can be screengrabbed.

Apple’s own iMessage and FaceTime apps already offer end-to-end encryption, with Apple stating on its privacy page that the company has no way to decrypt messages from its servers, but if you want the added assurance that comes from direct peer-to-peer communication, Bleep may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Check it out in the video below. The iOS app is a free download from iTunes, while the Mac app can be downloaded from the Bleep website.

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