Michael Fassbender revealed today in an interview with Variety that he’s not quite up-to-date on the latest Apple hardware, even though he’s playing the company’s co-founder in an upcoming biopic. According to the actor, he still uses an iPhone 4 because that model was his favorite design, and even though the phone is broken, he plans to keep using it until it no longer works.

Fassbender also indicated that he thinks the upcoming film is a “favorable adaptaion” of Jobs’ story.  The script for the movie recently leaked and seemed to back up that assessment.

From the interview:

You recently finished playing Steve Jobs. Is it dark? Like “The Conjuring”?

No, is it a favorable adaptation? I think it is.

You look skinnier now. I didn’t lose weight. But I certainly didn’t go to the gym.

Did it cause you to look at Mac products differently? It did. I’m still on my iPhone 4.

You don’t have the iPhone 6? No, the 4 is my favorite design. I also use something until it’s no longer useable.

Your phone looks broken. But it still works. The cover actually broke off my broken phone.

The Steve Jobs biopic will be released this October and will star Fassbender along with Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Perla Haney-Jardine. It will be directed by Danny Boyle, with a script written by Aaron Sorkin.

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