Sunrise, the company behind the popular Mac and iOS calendar apps, today launched a new feature called Meet. Meet is not integrated how might expect, though. It’s actually a keyboard designed by Sunrise for quickly scheduling one-to-one meetings.

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Since Meet is a keyboard, it can be accessed from anywhere within iOS, including other apps. The process is relatively simple. With the keyboard, you can pick available spots within the week view of their calendar and schedule one-on-one meetings. After you choose a date to hold the meeting, you can simply send the date to anyone else using a shortlink. The person on the other side must then pick the date that works for them, and when you agree, the event is automatically added to both calendars.

Meet is a keyboard for iOS 8 that lets you schedule one-to-ones right from where you are, without having to reach out for your calendar. You get to pick available spots in your week from your keyboard and send them to anyone through one short link. When the person on the other side picks the time that works best for them, the event is automatically added to both your calendars. And voilà!

Meet is available in version 4.0 of Sunrise, which is available on the App Store now for free.

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