In addition to launching an all-new Android app this morning, Imgur has also updated its iOS app with a notable and highly requested new feature. With today’s update to Imgur for iOS, users can now upload their own images to the service with the app directly on their iPhone. Users have the ability to upload from their Camera Roll or take an image with their camera from within the app and share it to the service.

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With previous versions of Imgur for iOS, users could share reaction GIFs and from their favorites, but could not upload directly from their Camera Roll to the service.

For those unfamiliar, Imgur is a service that allows users to share a variety of different categories of images, including GIFs and memes. Users have the ability to create albums of images based on whatever topics they wish, in addition to offering a meme generator service that allows users to create memes on the go. With today’s addition of the ability to upload directly from their iOS device, it’s now a lot easier for users to create and share memes and images.

The updated version of Imgur for iOS is available now on the App Store.

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