Just yesterday I was speculating about the future of the iPod, and it appears we may not have long to wait until we learn a little more about it. French site iGen, which has a good track-record, says that the iPod line-up will see a refresh on or around 14th July.

It appears to have little hard information beyond internal model numbers, but based on those speculates that the Shuffle and Nano will see only the color changes spotted in iTunes 12.2, while the Touch may receive a more substantive update … 


iGen says that the Nano model number is moving from n31 to n31a, and the Shuffle from n12b to n12d, suggesting extremely minor updates. The Touch, in contrast, is reported to be going from n78 to n102, indicating a bigger change, which the site speculates may be to a 64-bit processor.

If so, that suggests I’m right about the Nano and the Shuffle, but the Touch is likely to hang in there for some time yet.

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