A BI Intelligence report on the future of wearables is predicting that by 2020 the Apple Watch will account for 40% of all premium watch sales, defined as watches costing upwards of $350. The report suggests Apple will be shipping over 40M Watches a year by this date.

A supporting survey found that those currently considering a smartwatch purchase were most interested in notifications and health & fitness apps, with the Apple Watch unsurprisingly seeing substantially greater appeal than Android Wear models.

The report suggests that while the entire wearables market will continue to grow, full-featured smartwatches will start edging out cheaper fitness bands, with Fitbit-style devices seeing their market share fall from 53% last year through 48% this year and 42% by 2020.

The Apple Watch is expected to go on sale at Best Buy Canada today after its debut in U.S. stores a week ago.


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