Apple Watch Square Cash

Cash, the iPhone app that lets you easily send money from your bank account to anyone with email or text messages or even just nearby with a smartphone, is out with a new version today that puts Square’s cashing sending app right on the Apple Watch. Square Cash highlights three uses for its first Apple Watch app:

• Send cash to your top contacts even faster. • Quickly pay nearby people with a new contact-first interface. • Easily approve requests with a single tap.

I use Square Cash occasionally to send money to family across the country (it’s free for friends and has a 1.9% fee on transactions for businesses) and I’ve always appreciated how simple it is to use when even my non-technical relatives can figure it out for sending or receiving money.

Setting up the Apple Watch app is similar to other apps on the platform: tapping the $ icon meant going back to the iPhone to ‘set required permissions’ which asked for access to contacts and Bluetooth. Aside from the initial setup requirement, the watch app is super simple too.

You send a list of contacts on the main screen, in my case people I’ve previously used Cash with, and tapping a contact shows a 6 amount options: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, and $100. Don’t worry, sending money isn’t as easy as accidentally ordering something with Amazon’s Apple Watch app as there’s a confirmation button. Once you do confirm, Square Cash plays a delightful animation showing money raining down behind a message that the transfer was successful. The ability to respond to requests in one tap should be equally convenient.

You can find Square Cash for iPhone and now Apple Watch for free on the App Store.


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