With Apple’s introduction of the much anticipated 12-inch “iPad Pro” and a new iPad mini 4 planned for Wednesday’s press event, now is your last chance to trade-in your old iPad for its maximum value before resale prices inevitably fall following the official launch of the new device.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be comparing prices for a current-gen, WiFi-only, 128GB iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 through some of the most popular trade-in services. For the most part, these trade-in prices will give us a good indication of who has the best prices across the board. The best prices we found: Amazon for the iPad Air 2 at $415, and Glyde for the iPad mini 3 at $330.80, but price alone shouldn’t be your only consideration… 

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  • iPad Air 2: $280
  • iPad mini 3: $190
  • Payment by: Check, Amazon gift card, or PayPal
  • Price Lock Guarantee: 30 days


  • iPad Air 2: $415.05
  • iPad mini 3: $298.29
  • Payment by: Amazon gift card
  • Price Lock Guarantee: 7 days


  • iPad Air 2: $275
  • iPad mini 3: $220
  • Payment by: check, gift card, or PayPal
  • Price Lock Guarantee: 30 days

Best Buy:

  • iPad Air 2: $240.00
  • iPad mini 3: ——
  • Payment by: BestBuy gift card
  • Price Lock Guarantee: in-store trade-in


  • iPad Air 2: $394.30
  • iPad mini 3: $330.80
  • Payment by: Direct deposit, Bitcoin, or check
  • Price Lock Guarantee: ——


  • iPad mini 2: $180
  • iPad mini 3: $157.60
  • Payment by: Up to $200 in-store credit
  • Price Lock Guarantee: ——

A few things to consider: Amazon might have the highest trade-in prices, but you’ll be getting an Amazon Gift Card in exchange. That might not be the ideal solution if you actually need the money to upgrade to your new iPad or don’t shop on Amazon frequently, and the new iPad won’t likely be available through Amazon for quite some time after launch. Some of the other services, such as Gazelle, will allow you to get cash OR credit.

Another thing to keep in mind: the price lock guarantee offered by the various services might be a consideration if you want a bit of extra time to make a decision on your new iPad purchase or to buy yourself some time to account for possibly delayed shipping times on Apple’s part. And lastly, some might not have the absolute highest price among the bunch, but offer added convenience of a smoother trade-in process. BestBuy and Apple, for example, are one of the only two that let you complete the trade-in instantly by bringing it to a local store (Apple isn’t a listed above because they don’t give prices on the latest gen models, but you can trade-in online here or in-store). 

We’ll of course have full coverage of Apple’s press event as it happens, but until then, you can catch up on everything we expect to see including an upgraded iPhone 6s, the bigger iPad Pro, a revamped Apple TV, and Apple Watch announcements.

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