Steve Jobs, the controversial Sorkin/Boyle not-quite biopic, achieved the highest opening weekend Per-Theater Average (PTA) of any movie this year, reports Deadline. The movie also gave director Danny Boyle the best ever weekend average of his career.

The feature grossed sizzling $520,942, averaging $130,236. By comparison, Boyle’s Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire (2008) grossed over $360K in 10 theaters its debut weekend, averaging $36K. The drama about the Apple founder, adapted by Aaron Sorkin, easily outpaced Sicario‘s $67K debut PTA.

It’s not an all-time record, though … 


Deadline reports that the average fell short of the $202k PTA achieved by one of my favorite movies, Grand Budapest Hotel, and the $158k of American Sniper.

The movie has of course been the subject of significant controversy, with some of those close to Jobs – including his widow – objecting to the portrayal, Tim Cook describing all the Jobs movies as “opportunistic” and Jony Ive saying that he didn’t recognize the man portrayed in the movie.

Others close to Jobs have taken a more nuanced line. Steve Wozniak said that while some of the things shown didn’t happen, he did feel like he was actually watching Jobs. Andy Hertzfeld said that while the movie “deviates from reality everywhere,” it does “expose deeper truths.” John Sculley said that it depicts “only one aspect of the man.”

The movie is being gradually rolled out nationwide, and should be available everywhere by 23rd October.

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