Following CEO Tim Cook saying that the car industry is ripe for a major disruption, Re/code reports that Apple has hired Jonathan Cohen, Nvidia’s director of deep learning. While many only associate Nvidia with phone and computer chips, the company has recently been entering the car market, specifically in the form of autonomous vehicles.

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Nvidia has recently started selling its chips to car manufacturers, who then use those chips to power cameras and radars that do the behind-the-scenes work of allowing a car to drive autonomously. The deep learning of the chips is a form of artificial intelligence that allows companies to train computers to process patterns from a large view of visual data, i.e. through a camera.

Jonathan Cohen has been the director of Nvidia’s deep learning since 2008. He documented his move to Apple on his LinkedIn page, noting that the transition occurred this month. Specifics on Cohen’s role at Apple are unclear, however, with his bio simply reading “Software at Apple.” Prior to his time at Nvidia, Cohen had a stint at Sony Pictures, working on simulation technology.

Apple’s rumored self-driving electric car has been in the news a lot recently. Earlier this week, Ferrari chairman and Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne stated that he believes Apple is in fact working on a car. It’s also important to note that Apple’s Eddy Cue also holds a seat on Ferrari’s board and has for three years.

Apple is believed to be developing an electric vehicle under the codename Project Titan, with the company already testing the vehicle at a secret test track. Regarding the possibility of entering the car market, Tim Cook earlier this week said that the company’s focus is CarPlay, but teased: “We will see what we do in the future.”

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