After several months of limited availability in select retail stores across the globe, Apple Watch Hermès is now available to purchase online. Interestingly, that counters the initial point-of-sale strategy with the other three Apple Watch collections, which were at first only available to purchase online before hitting retail stores months later. Instead, the Apple Watch collection introduced in partnership with Hermès last fall enjoyed a more intimate point-of-sale experience with North American availability limited to Apple, Hermès, and Maxfield locations in LA, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto with a similar situation across Europe and Asia.

As was reported to occur earlier this week, Apple Watch Hermès can now be purchased online from for the first time; is expected to also offer the collection as well. [Update: The Apple Store app currently lets you buy Apple Watch Hermès now. 2x: now as well.] French boutique and early Apple partner Collette similarly has Apple Watch Hermès available to order online. And there’s a whole market on eBay for Apple Watch Hermès that has existed since resellers got stock, but now online availability is official. My guess is we’re seeing some first-gen merchandise being moved before the expected refresh later this year, although the Hermès straps likely won’t be losing their value anytime soon.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Apple Watch Hermès collection, the product is a partnership between Apple and Hermès that includes a stainless steel Apple Watch with custom engravings and Hermès-inspired custom watch faces. The collection officially became available in select stores in October.

The big selling factor is the line of Hermès-designed leather straps that come in a range of styles and colors not offered in other Apple Watch collections. Styles include a single tour, double tour, and cuff strap with pricing starting at $1100 and ranging to $1500.

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