Microsoft today released News Pro, a news delivery service with “hyper-relevant news for your work.”  The application utilizes either your Facebook or LinkedIn account for log in and then aggregates news topics and articles around your work-based interests. The idea is similar to Apple’s own News app, and Flipboard, but with a focus on articles and topics related to your day-to-day career. The project seems to be coming out from the Microsoft Garage team, whom have been specializing in experimental projects.

The iOS app itself is focuses on bringing articles based on topics you may already be interested in. After logging in with my LinkedIn account, where I have multiple connections in computer software, I was placed into the Highlights view where I was presented with multiple stories from different software companies. When reading an article, you’re able to read it in a Speedy view, which looks to mimic Safari’s Reader View.

This Explore view was the most interesting to note because of the way it broke down categories of topics to follow. News Pro really excels in getting granularly focused in potential new topics to read. For example, under the Explore view I saw Javascript, C++, and C# under a Skills subcategory. Under the Industries subcategory I saw Hospital & Health Care, and Education Management. This area is really where the app shines. Instead of laying out pages of potential topics to search through, the subcategories made it easier to find something I would like.

Microsoft News Pro body

It’s quite a coincidence that Microsoft launches News Pro today with the recent rumors that Apple will be developing support for paid content in their own News app. News Pro is available for free in the App Store and on the web.