Apple has released iOS 9.3.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The bug fix update to iOS 9.3, released last week, contains a crucial improvement for iOS users: it addresses the widespread issue where apps (and sometimes the whole OS) would crash or hangs when tapping links.

We’ll update the post if we spot anything else notable, although the Release Notes do not suggest anything else has changed …

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The 9.7 inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE ship with iOS 9.3 preinstalled, so iOS 9.3.1 will help ensure new Apple customers get a smooth experience with their new hardware. The launch of the iOS 9.3 update was by no means flawless.

In addition to the crashing bugs when opening links plaguing many users over the last week, Apple has already had to re-release new builds of the update to address activation problems with older iPhones and iPads. There was also a bricking issue for iPad 2, leading Apple to temporarily pull iOS 9.3 for that device.

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