Apple is going all out to promote Earth Day this year. App Store WWF fundraisers, free iBook environmental lessons on iPads, green Apple Store shirts and logos, and last night’s iMessage and renewable energy video so far …

Now Apple’s bringing the focus back on Liam, the iPhone recycling robot we met last month, in another Earth Day video promoting recycling. The video features a clever interaction between the virtual assistant and iPhone recycling robot, then invites you to ask Siri about Liam. Doing so will prompt an interesting response, followed by a link to This marks the second time this week Apple has used Siri to promote something new or notable on its website following the unconventional WWDC announcement earlier this week.

Apple has also promoted product recycling this year with three exclusive wallpapers.

Here are a few responses to expect when you ask Siri about Liam:

Check out the latest Earth Day video below:


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