In an interview with the BBC on national British radio, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that he believes Apple should pay 50% tax, along with all other companies. He said he doesn’t like the distinction of different rules between corporations and individuals.

Today, although Apple has never been found to evade tax or conduct illegal practices, it does not pay at top-rate tax, using a variety of financial engineering schemes to redirect profits elsewhere, such as Ireland, with significantly lower tax requirements.

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The BBC also published a short video interview with Wozniak, where his comments are a bit more subdued. Whilst he still says that Apple should pay more tax, he says it may make sense for companies and individuals to be charged at different rates.

Wozniak also says that Silicon Valley, in general, is too focused on money. He points the finger at investors, who distort the company vision away from making great products and towards generation of revenues and shareholder returns.

The tax arguments have been put to one side recently as government focuses on a more pressing matter in regard to encryption regulations, following Apple’s battle with the FBI over the San Bernardino iPhone. As before, Wozniak repeats his stance that Apple is in the right.

“There are politicians who do not have a clue as to what cyber security is all about trying to pass laws saying that Apple has to make a product less secure.

“Why? That’s a crime. That is just so horrible. I just cry! Why would Apple do it for such a weak case where the government were not going to get any valuable information at all – it’s impossible.”

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