VideoTweet is a new utility from the folks over at Arctic Whiteness that brings Twitter sharing to Final Cut Pro X. Appearing as a destination within Final Cut Pro X’s export options, it’s a quick way to get video from a project to your Twitter followers.

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Final Cut Pro X integration is just one part of what VideoTweet brings to the table. The app is also a standalone tool that makes it possible to select a specific portion of a video, enable or disable its audio, and embed the video inside a tweet.

VideoTweet supports all QuickTime compatible formats, including: .mov .mp4 and .m4v. It also features an extension that allows you to share videos from the desktop, in the Photos app and elsewhere.

VideoTweet Share Extension

VideoTweet includes an OS X Share Extension

As someone who edits video on a regular basis, I value its ability to share from Final Cut Pro X. Just select VideoTweet as a destination, and the project will export to VideoTweet ready to share. You can configure multiple Twitter accounts inside the app, and add a snippet of text to lend context to the videos that you share.

Video walkthrough

Previously, my workflow was fairly convoluted, but VideoTweet has helped to streamline my efforts. Even if you aren’t a Final Cut Pro X user, you may still find it to be a handy tool for quickly uploading video clips to Twitter.

VideoTweet is available for free via the developer’s website. The free version includes a hashtag and backlink in tweets in order to help Arctic Whiteness spread the word. Users can opt for a paid, white label version as well. The paid version is only $3.41 and removes the hashtag and link from your tweets.

If you’re looking for a way to quickly upload videos to Twitter, then VideoTweet is worth considering. Check out the free version to see if you like it; you can always pay for the white label version at a later time.

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