Apple has announced that Super Mario is coming to the iPhone, as part of its iPhone 7 event. The company brought Shigeru Minamoto on stage to announce Apple bringing Nintendo’s top franchise to the iPhone.

Get the new Mario game app later this year in December, but you can go to the App Store today and get it to “Notify” you when the app launches. The game will have some free trial content and one in-app purchase to unlock everything.

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Apple has announced that Nintendo is bringing a new Mario endless scroller to the iPhone, with all the Mario artwork and assets you expect. It’s an endless runner with multiplayer mode, tap to jump, and much more.

The app is pay-once, play as much as you want. Coming later this year to the App Store. Nintendo is also releasing an iOS 10 sticker pack with iconic Nintendo characters. The iOS 10 sticker pack will be released alongside iOS 10.

Nintendo’s interest in iOS piqued with the rampant success of Pokemon Go; Nintendo has also announced it will be bringing Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing to iOS this year.

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