I gave my verdict on the iPhone 7 yesterday, and asked for yours. The majority of you – some 54% – said that the new iPhone was as expected. That’s not particularly surprising given than we’d previously reported almost everything we saw, but 28% of you were still impressed, while 17% were disappointed.

Impressed or not, though, the majority of those who took part in the poll are intending to buy the new iPhone. Interestingly, and perhaps influenced by the dual-camera, more than twice as many of you are opting for the larger iPhone 7 Plus than its smaller sibling …


Some 38% of you opted for the iPhone 7 Plus, against just 18% for the 4.7-inch model. Another interesting tidbit is that while 27% of you aren’t planning to buy this year, a full 16% of you are still unsure. For those who fall into this category, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

There was no doubt about your preferred color! Our poll results show it’s black all the way. But there was one surprise: the matte black at 49% is actually more popular than the Jet Black at 40%. Apple’s comments on the vulnerability of the high-gloss finish to scratches may well have influenced choices there.

Finally, the middle-tier 128GB storage option was the clear winner, with a full 68% of the votes. Some 18% of you are going all-out for the 256GB tier, while only 13% are settling for 32GB.

The new iPhones went up for pre-order this morning, though shipping times quickly slipped into many weeks for both black models. If you’re still in the ‘unsure’ category, you can check out exactly what you get in the iPhone 7 versus older models in our comparison piece.

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