As it has done in other instances in the past, Apple today announced that it is updating App Store prices in South Africa and New Zealand. It’s good news for users in Africa, however, as prices will go down, while prices will increase in New Zealand.

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In South Africa, Apple explains that prices will go down in order to account for foreign exchange rates. This change will occur over the next 72 hours, Apple says.

Within the next 72 hours, prices for the apps and in-app purchases (excluding subscriptions) will decrease in South Africa to account for foreign exchange rates.

In New Zealand, Apple says that the introduction of goods and services tax is causing prices to increase.

Processeds for the App Store in New Zealand (including subscriptions) will change to account for the interaction of goods and services tax (GST), effective since October 1, 2016. Prices on the App Store won’t change.

Developers affected by the change will see their prices adjust and should have received an email.

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