Despite some reports suggesting that the iPhone 8 might be available in limited colors, we’ve now seen mockups of quite a few possibilities.

KGI suggested that it would be available in fewer colors than normal, but didn’t get more specific than that. A Macotakara report suggested that it would not be available in white. Benjamin Geskin claimed that a new mirror-like option would be introduced. Yet another image showed black, silver, white and gold – but no rose gold.

And yet another possibility emerged over the weekend …


The latest option shown is a copper color. It’s always difficult to tell exact color shades from poor-quality photos taken in unknown light conditions, but the color does appear to be intended to be actual copper rather than a new shade of gold.

As someone who generally tends to the view that gadgets should be either anodized aluminum or black, I’ve never been interested in any of the gold options offered by Apple, but I do love copper. If it really did have that appearance, rather than looking like some shade of gold, I’d be tempted.

What about you? If you were offered the choice between black, white, silver, gold, a mirror finish and copper, which one would you choose?

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