Update: Things appear to be back to normal an hour later

Apple’s System Status page states that several iCloud services are down for a small number of users. Notable services include Find My iPhone, iCloud Backup, and iCloud Mail.

The site states these iCloud services have been down since 8:30AM PT this morning and does not go into detail about when these services will come back online. While problematic for some, Apple notes that most of the services’ downtime affects less than 2% of users. It could also indicate that Apple is updating the backend on some of its services.

Fortunately, things like Apple Pay, the App Store, iTunes Store, Maps, and Siri appear to be unaffected. It appears that only iCloud-based services are down.

With Apple relying heavily on services for its products, it’s unfortunate for key services go down without notice. However, Apple usually restores its services quickly after unexpected downtime.

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