Snapchat is looking to expand the AR lenses it offers via its app by introducing new content from other creators. As reported by Mashable, Snapchat is going to start featuring creator-made lenses directly in the first-party Lens carousel…

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Snapchat will feature some of the coolest lenses created using its Lens Studio application. Creators interested in having their creations featured need to make sure they opt-in to the “Creator Boosts” program, but it’s unclear what criteria Snap will be using to make its picks.

Snapchat’s update is another effort for promote its community. Indeed, Snapchat is calling the effort “creator boosts.” The inclusion will be limited at first, with only a few artists featured periodically. If selected, the lens will show the creator’s Snapchat display name.

Snapchat won’t be paying the creators who design lenses that ultimately end up being featured, and the lenses can’t be branded, but Snapchat users will be able to see who created each lens, giving the designers some exposure.

The goal of this effort, it seems, is to feature the lenses of creative designers and offer users additional lens designs to keep them interested, while also taking some of the burden off of Snap’s creative teams. Furthermore, more designers may be encouraged to create lenses if they know their creator could end up front and center in the Snapchat application itself.

Snapchat originally launched its Lens Studio platform in December and Mashable reports that there have been over 30,000 submissions with the lenses created there attracting over 1 billion views. Those views come solely from peer-to-peer sharing, so Snapchat featuring user-created lenses will give even further weight to the platform.

Snapchat says it will start featuring creator-made lenses in late March. Only a few creators will be featured at first, but expect the program to expand over time.

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