Whether you’re new to iPhone or are starting to make it a habit to use gestures across iOS, follow along for how to customize swipes in the Mail app.

Having swipe gestures customized to how you like to use the iOS Mail app is a valuable feature. Whether you find yourself regularly moving email in folders, or spend more time flagging or archiving messages you can quickly make sure gestures are tuned to your liking.

No matter what changes you make to these settings, a full swipe from right to left across the screen will still delete messages.

Note: this is for the default iOS Mail app. To check out customization options for a third-party mail app, look under Settings → app name.

iPhone & iPad: How to customize swipe gestures in mail

  1. Open Settings
  2. Swipe down and tap on Mail
  3. Select Swipe Options
  4. Customize your settings for left and right swipes

In addition to changing your swipe gestures from the defaults to another action, you can choose to set either a left or right swipe to None.

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