With third-party Twitter clients like Tweetbot and Twitterrific being forced to abandon key features this week, many will be looking for ways to restore some of the lost functionality. Here’s how to use streaming for Twitter on Mac.

Once you’ve gotten used to a streaming Twitter feed, it’s difficult to go back to refreshing manually. A workaround that Twitterrific is implementing is a two-minute, auto refresh. But unfortunately, the only option at this point to enable streaming on Mac is Twitter’s TweetDeck (app or the web).

How to use streaming for Twitter on Mac

  1. Download Tweetdeck for Mac or log in to the web version
  2. On the Mac app, click TweetDeckPreferences… → make sure Stream Tweets in realtime is toggled on
  3. On the web, click the settings gear (bottom left corner) → Settings → make sure Stream Tweets in realtime is toggled on

Here’s how the process looks with the TweetDeck for Mac app:

Next make sure the toggle is turned on next to Stream Tweets in realtime.

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