Apple today has confirmed that it is now charging sales tax on TV, movie, music, and audiobook iTunes purchases in Canada. The change first went into effect last week, and now Apple is confirming the new policy.

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In a statement to Rene Ritchie, Apple explained that due to changes in Canadian legislation, it is now required to collect sales tax on TV, movies, music, and audiobooks. This includes Apple Music subscriptions, as well.

Here is the statement in full:

“As the world’s largest taxpayer, we respect the important role taxes play in society. Due to recent changes in Canadian legislation and the growth of our business, sales tax will now be charged on purchases of TV, movies, music, and audiobooks. Apple has been operating in Canada for 38 years and we are proud to deliver the best products and services in the world to our customers here.”

iTunes shoppers in Canada first noticed the change last week on Reddit, though there appeared to be issues with some people seeing sales tax charged on iTunes purchases, and some people not seeing it. Today’s confirmation means thatĀ GST, HST, PST, and/or QST will be applied, depending on your location. Last week’s confusion was likely due to a brief glitch in the rollout.

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