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AAPL Company Stories April 28

Apple to pay $18M to settle class action lawsuit claiming it broke FaceTime on older iPhones

Apple has officially inked a deal to settle a class action lawsuit in California that accused it of intentionally breaking FaceTime on older iPhone devices. According to Law360, Apple has reached an $18 million deal in the case.

AAPL Company Stories April 14

Florida court dismisses lawsuit alleging Apple intentionally ‘broke’ FaceTime on older iPhones

Apple has come across a small victory in Florida this week, with a federal court tossing out a lawsuit claiming the company intentionally broke FaceTime for users of older iPhone models. The lawsuit specifically alleged Apple broke FaceTime “to avoid costly transmitting services.”

AAPL Company Stories May 16

Apple’s $500 million iPhone throttling settlement receives preliminary approval

In March, Apple agreed to pay $500 million to settle a United States lawsuit over iPhone performance throttling. Now, the judge in that case has given the deal preliminary approval, with final approval slated to come later.

AAPL Company Stories May 5

Spotify CEO expects Apple to ‘open up’ to third-party apps, but still ‘many steps to go’

Spotify is optimistic that Apple will further open up its platforms to third-party apps, CEO Daniel Ek said in an interview with Bloomberg today. This comes after Spotify filed an antitrust complaint with the European Union last year.

AAPL Company Stories February 7

France has fined Apple $27M for adding battery management features to iPhones

France has fined Apple €25M ($27M) for the battery-management features that slowed the performance of older iPhones in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns. It’s taken quite a while to reach this point: the French consumer watchdog DGCCRF began its investigation more than a year ago…

AAPL Company Stories January 14

What to expect from Apple in 2020: iPhone 12, triple-lens iPad Pro, new MacBook keyboards, more

For Apple, 2019 was a busy year, thanks to the iPhone 11 lineup, new AirPods, a strong focus on the Mac, and more. As we head into 2020, there’s even more to expect from Apple, including the iPhone 12, more powerful iPad Pros, and continued updates to the Mac. Read on as we round up […]

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