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Tech Industry Stories June 25, 2020

Michael Hawley, co-author of famous Steve Jobs Stanford commencement speech, dies

Michael Hawley – whose many achievements included helping Steve Jobs write his famous ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’ commencement speech – has died from cancer, aged 58 …

Tech Industry Stories June 16, 2007

Microsoft Bowing Out of the Mac Platform? Could Office 2008 Be the Last from Microsoft?

MacWindows The resignation of Roz Ho as General Manager of the Macintosh Business Unit before WWDC 2007 should have been a premonition of Microsoft’s incredibly poor showing at the event (either that or she knew how painfully lame it was going to be). It had been speculated that Redmond would announce the distribution of the new 2008 version of its market dominating Office suite at the event.  But Microsoft had nothing to announce. Is this a sign of things to come?  When will it get released and will Office 2008 be the last upgrade to Office that the Mac sees?  Are Bill and Steve not getting along as well as they appear to be with Walt Mossberg?

Tech Industry Stories August 7, 2007

New Low End Mac at August 7th Event?

So we’ve heard many rumors about the new iMacs and what appears to be the loss of the 17 inch variety.  We’ve also heard that the old 17 inch might be staying on as an eMac. 

Add to that the reports of the death of the Mac Mini.  This obviously leaves a huge hole on the low end side for Macs.  It would be hard to believe that Apple would just cut off the under $1000 crowd (but not impossible).

More likely, there is some low end device waiting in the the wings.  We’ve been kicking the idea around here a bunch and have come up with some interesting senarios:

Tech Industry Stories January 26, 2008

Why doesn't the MacBook Air have 3G?

One thing that stood out from all of the reviews was Ed Baig’s comment that Steve Jobs wanted to put 3G access into the Air but ran out of room.

Air does not come with the built-in ability to connect to a speedy wireless data network run by various cellular carriers. Jobs told me last week that Apple considered it but that adding the capability would take up room and restrict consumers to a particular carrier. Through a USB modem, he says, you can still subscribe to wireless broadband with your favorite carrier.

I hate to badmouth Mr. Baig and Mr. Jobs but there is no other way to put it.    BS!…

Tech Industry Stories February 4, 2008

Apple to save Yahoo! from Microsoft?

The Scotsman throws it out there:

GLOBAL giants including Apple and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp are believed to be considering rival bids for the internet company Yahoo, which has received a $44.6bn (£22.6bn) offer from Microsoft.

The conglomerate InterActiveCorp was another company named as a potential bidder for Yahoo, which is said to be unwilling to give in to Microsoft without a fight.

After Microsoft’s chief executive Steve Ballmer made the offer in a letter on Thursday, it emerged that Yahoo had rejected a similar takeover attempt by Ballmer’s organization a year before.

Yahoo chief executive and co-founder Jerry Yang is understood not to be Microsoft’s greatest fan, and would be prepared to line up another ‘white knight’ rather than concede to Ballmer.

It is believed he would be particularly open to a rescue bid from Steve Jobs’ Apple Corp, having openly expressed his admiration for the firm in the past.

Apple does have a bit of cash laying around ($16 Billion) and Steve Jobs did pay the Yahoo! VPs a visit last year.  According to Kara Swisher, it was quite the motivational speech.  Steve Jobs also knows how to bring a company back from the brink of collapse (see Apple 1997).

Tech Industry Stories August 16, 2007

XOHM WiMAX enabled iPhones and iPods in 2008?


With the formalization today of the XOHM Service, Sprint is releasing what could be the most exciting thing to hit the Internet in quite awhile. If real-world results are anything close to the specs that we’ve been drooling over for the past few years, WiMAX technology will revolutionalize mobile communications.  Initial speeds will be about four times the speed of EVDO/HSDPA and will eventually scale up to the type of speed at which you will be able to stream High Definition movies and video conferencing.

Just as a reference point, the German WiMAX operator Deutsche Breitband Dienste (DBD) has two tariff plans. The first costing $12.99 per month offering 1 Mbit/s connection speed and 1 GB monthly traffic. The second plan has unlimited traffic, the speed increased to 2 Mbit/s for a $25.99 monthly fee.  Not too shabby!

Where does Apple fit into all of this?
Apple is an innovator, a first mover.  This service would be perfect for their whole line of products from Airport Extreme base stations, MacBooks, iPods, AppleTV’s and of course iPhones.  Don’t forget that while PC laptop makers have been selling machines with EVDO and HSDPA wireless broadband built-in for years, Apple has only allowed this type of connection through third party PC/Express cards or tethering (which doesn’t always work so well).  Why the wait?

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