enviorment Stories March 15, 2017

The Conservation Fund outlines effects of its partnership w/ Apple to protect 36k acres of forest

Back in 2015, Apple partnered with The Conservation Fund to protect 36,000 acres of forest. The partnership saw Apple purchase the land and use the paper from the forests for sustainable product packaging, with the company claiming that “forests stay forests” and harvested timber is done so in a sustainable way.

Two years later, The Conservation Fund is offering some details on the effects of the partnership with Apple and says that the return it is showing, especially in the 3,600 acres located in North Carolina…

enviorment Stories May 11, 2015


Tim Cook, who is in China this week to discuss Apple’s new environmental initiatives, spoke to Chinese media regarding his plans to further expand Apple services in the country. Speaking to news outlet Xinhua, Cook discussed a variety of topics, including his hope to launch Apple Pay in China and get a smartphone in the hand of every resident.

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enviorment Stories May 10, 2015


Apple today has announced a variety of new environmental initiatives for its China operations. Through a press release, the company announced a new multi-year partnership with World Wildlife Fund to increase responsibly managed forests throughout China. Apple also announced that it intends to expand its renewable energy projects to manufacturing facilities in China.

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enviorment Stories April 22, 2015

Screenshot 2015-04-22 15.12.41

Apple’s new video about its contributions to environmental protection appears to show a previously unseen and unannounced accessory for the Apple Watch. In a portion of the video detailing chargers for Apple devices ranging from the iPhone to the new MacBook, Apple shows a stainless steel Apple Watch being dropped on a stationary charging dock. This charging dock is noticeably different than the charger that’s included with the Apple Watch, and could be an official Apple alternative to the third-party Apple Watch stands and docks that are about to hit stores…

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