Farrago Stories April 17, 2020

Farrago audio soundboard app for Mac gets app-wide volume ducking, new MIDI controls, list mode, much more

Rogue Amoeba is out with a big update to its popular Farrago audio app for Mac. The “rapid-fire soundboard” software now features a brand new list mode, app-wide volume ducking, per-tile output controls, new MIDI controls, and much more.

Farrago Stories July 12, 2018

Rogue Amoeba has updated Farrago for Mac today with a handful of useful new features. Farrago 1.2 brings MIDI support, multi-tile editing, and accessibility improvements to the Mac soundboard app.

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Farrago Stories April 27, 2018

We reported earlier this week that Rogue Amoeba was running a sweet podcasting software bundle for podcasters who are just getting started. Part of that bundle included the soundboard app, Farrago. Today, the app is getting an update that includes some UI tweaks as well as some new, nifty features.

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