GDPR Stories August 23, 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook has written a piece for Italy’s most popular newspaper, mourning the passing of Europe’s head of data protection, Giovanni Buttarelli.

Buttarelli took the lead on the introduction of the world’s toughest privacy regulations, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR requirements are so stringent that even Apple had to boost its privacy efforts in order to comply …

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GDPR Stories May 28, 2019

The stats are in for the first year of GDRP, Europe’s gold-standard data privacy law. GDPR fines totalled €56M, with more than 200,000 investigations, 64,000 of which were upheld.

However, the fines were dominated by a single case, with most ranging in the single-digit thousands …

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GDPR Stories May 21, 2019

The first anniversary of GDPR, Europe’s gold-standard privacy law, is later this week – and Microsoft has marked the occasion by backing Apple’s call for a US version.

Microsoft, like Apple, responded at the time by committing to offer GDPR-level protections to all its customers globally, but thinks voluntary moves by tech giants are not enough …

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GDPR Stories January 28, 2019

GDPR regulations give European citizens a legal right to see all the personal data held on them, among other rights. But a tech writer requesting data from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google found that the data isn’t as easy to understand as it should be …

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GDPR Stories January 21, 2019

It was last week claimed that Apple was one of a number of tech giants which was failing to fully comply with Europe’s privacy law, GDPR. Other companies may be deliberately defying GDPR, it is argued today.

A new piece suggests two reasons for companies not complying with one of the General Data Protection Regulation’s key requirements …

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GDPR Stories January 18, 2019

A complaint has been made to a European privacy watchdog that Apple does not fully comply with its GDPR obligations.

The General Data Protection Regulation requires companies to supply, on request, a copy of all the data they hold on you. Having tested this with ten users, an Austrian non-profit organization said that Apple failed to supply a complete set of data …

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GDPR Stories December 20, 2018

User data request gone bad: Amazon sent 1,700 Alexa voice recordings to the wrong person

After the EU’s GDPR passed earlier this year, tech companies have been required to let users request all the data kept on file. Now, we’re hearing about an unfortunate case where Amazon sent 1,700 Alexa voice recordings to the wrong user in Germany.

GDPR Stories October 3, 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to be the keynote speaker at a European data protection conference taking place in Brussels later this month. The EU recently introduced a new data protection framework, GDPR, and some U.S lawmakers are now questioning whether or not we’ll see a similar stance in the United States.

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GDPR Stories May 25, 2018

Europe’s tough new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into force today. It provides the strongest protections the world has ever seen for customer and user data.

Even Apple – a company famed for its respect for customer privacy – had to strengthen its safeguards in order to meet the extremely high standards set by GDPR. But while the law only applies to European Union citizens, Apple and some other companies have said that they plan to roll out the same privacy standards worldwide …

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