Jonathan Mann Stories October 18, 2017

There’s now a song about the sticky MacBook keyboard to get stuck in your head [Video]

Jonathan Mann of ‘Song a Day’ fame has a new hit on his hands. “I Am Pressing The Spacebar and Nothing Is Happening” is his latest jingle, and it’s a brilliant tune about keys on the MacBook keyboard having a tendency to get stuck when exposed to debris or crumbs or, well, in some cases, air.

Jonathan Mann Stories June 9, 2015

This song is actually a pretty good roundup of the WWDC keynote (Video)

Jonathan Mann has been running his “Song a Day” YouTube channel for quite some time now, and without fail, you can navigate to his channel on the day of an Apple event and find yet another song-ified version of Apple’s announcements. He’s a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy, and he was the guy that wrote the song played during the opening to the Antennagate press conference.

Jonathan Mann Stories October 17, 2011

You might remember Jonathan Mann from the opening of the ‘Antennagate’ conference (and Patent songs).  Well, he’s back and he has a partner…


This guy really puts himself out there. via DF expand full story

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