Lyric Stories February 18, 2016

Honeywell’s new Lyric Round thermostat w/ HomeKit now available & in-stock

Honeywell’s new Lyric Round thermostat originally announced back at CES in January and until now up for preorder only is today officially on sale and in-stock for all.

Lyric Stories January 4, 2016

Honeywell announces HomeKit-enabled Lyric thermostat, available for preorder now

Honeywell has today announced the second-generation version of the Honeywell Lyric thermostat. The first version (currently discounted ahead of the new hardware) was labelled with HomeKit advertising in various places, but that support never materialized. Honeywell has clarified that interested customers will have to buy the new $249 hardware to use the Lyric with HomeKit, currently available for preorder from the Honeywell website.

If you don’t want to wait, check out the ecobee3 system. You can buy a comprehensive thermostat and remote sensor smart home system with full HomeKit support through ecobee today.

Lyric Stories June 10, 2014

With Apple stepping into the home automation arena by way of offering closer device integration through its new HomeKit API announced alongside iOS 8, just about every appliance in the home is potential for being refreshed and gaining deeper connectivity with our iPhones and iPads. Honeywell, a launch partner for Apple’s new home automation development tools, is today announcing its new Lyric smart thermostat to compete against similar offerings from competitors like the now Google-owned Nest. expand full story

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