skeuomorphic Stories March 24, 2015

Flattening iOS was a strategic move focused more on the watch than iPhone or iPad – commentators

Some things are blindingly obvious in hindsight, and Iconfactory principal Craig Hockenberry and Daring Fireball’s John Gruber made one of these points about the flattening of iOS.

“The flattening of Apple’s user interface that began in iOS 7 was as much a strategic move as an aesthetic one,” says Hockenberry, with Gruber adding that “iOS 6-style skeuomorphism would’ve felt downright gauche on the watch.”

Not just gauche, but also hard to read on such a small display. I think both are right: while Ive may have preferred the minimalism of iOS 7 and 8 on the larger devices, what was a preference for the iPhone and iPad was a necessity for the Apple Watch.

skeuomorphic Stories May 21, 2013

Jony Ive

When Jony Ive took over the role of leadership for Apple’s Human Interface in October of last year, many speculated that the style of Apple’s design language across iOS and Mac OS X would also shift towards a flatter, more clean style. This speculation was fueled mainly by Ive’s feelings towards skeuomorphism and his minimalist design aesthetic.

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