VOCOlinc Stories April 16, 2021

VOCOlinc is one of the best manufacturers of HomeKit products, and I’ve grown to appreciate their hardware quality and software quality. For the last few weeks, I’ve been testing the VOCOlinc T Guard Smart Lock to see how it works with HomeKit.

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VOCOlinc Stories January 23, 2019

VOCOlinc is a smart home company focused on HomeKit accessories like affordable light strips and the multi-plug power strip. VOCOlinc’s lineup includes the $59 FlowerBud smart diffuser, which is the first and only diffuser that works with Apple HomeKit. FlowerBud lets you burn scented oils to make your home smell like your favorite scent, and the smart diffuser includes a built-in mood lamp. Both the diffuser and mood lamp work with HomeKit and Siri, too, which means Home app and voice control plus much more.

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VOCOlinc Stories February 26, 2018

Adding HomeKit to your house can be expensive, but as the technology progresses, more affordable options have been making their way to market that make HomeKit a viable choice for more consumers.

A couple of weeks ago, Zac reviewed Hong Kong-based VOCOlinc’s HomeKit-enabled LED light strips, noting that the price almost seemed too good to be true for a HomeKit product with no bridge required. Intrigued by the company, I decided to try out their smart power strip with HomeKit support.

How does it work? Read on to find out…

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VOCOlinc Stories February 9, 2018

A week ago we checked out Sylvania’s $60 HomeKit light strip that works without a bridge and costs less than Philips Hue. Sylvania is a known name in lighting, but there’s an even cheaper option available if you’re willing to stray from major brands.

Hong Kong-based VOCOlinc offers a $40 smart LED light strip that works with Apple HomeKit, so how does it compare?

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