Facebook’s iOS app just got a monster update, including the following:

  • - Made it easier to share with who you want
  • - Added the ability to tag friends and places in posts
  • - Added the ability to share external links from a web view
  • - Added new design for Profile and Group Walls
  • - Improved the sharing tool to add privacy controls on posts and match your settings on the web site

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • - Improved Notifications speed
  • - Fixed a number of Chat bugs
  • - Made it easier to select filters in News Feed
  • - Fixed a bug with the Notifications bar disappearing
  • - Fixed a number of Photos bugs
  • - Improved performance and stability overall

Still no iPad version, however. In fact, @Chpwn warns:

Facebook removed iPad support in their latest app update. It’s not possible for FaceForward to enable something that’s no longer in the app.

Check out the new Check-in screen (which was hinted at 1:51 in the video on this page) below:


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