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Yesterday was iOS 5.1 day, and we broke the news on everything relating to the beta release. End users won’t find any new features in the operating system, but the release was gold for those interested in the future of iOS hardware. Here’s our roundup of the new devices found in iOS 5.1:

-The sixth-generation iPhone:

Located deep inside the iOS 5.1 file system is a reference to an iPhone 5,1. As explained yesterday, a 5,1 identifier is significant as it means this next-generation iPhone will pack in a new processor. The A6 in all likelihood.

-The iPad 3 and a new iPad 2:

-Located in the file system is a reference to a third iPad 3 model, perhaps a carrier variation, known as iPad 3,3. Even more interesting is an iPad 2,4 reference: an updated iPad 2 that is either a carrier variation, a GSM+CDMA dual-mode device, a Sprint iPad 2, or something completely new.

-The next Apple TV:

-We were able to find the J33 codename for the Apple TV 3,1 in addition to references calling for this new Apple TV to carry Bluetooth 4.0/Smart capabilities.

New user features:

There is hardly anything noticeable save for iTunes Match streaming over 3G and extremely minor keyboard enhancement in the iOS Mail application. Apple is also more open about geo-fencing (such as in in the location services preferences (Thanks Jonathan). If you find anything else please let us know at

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