Subscription music service Rdio announced today that it’s completely overhauling how stations work through the service.  While stations and the player get a refresh with new endless station types to pick from, the big new feature is something Rdio calls “You FM”:

You FM — A brand new, personalized, adjustable station that leverages Taste Profiling technology from The Echo Nest and incorporates all your listening history, track voting, Facebook likes, Twitter follows, and more to create a truly unique and individualized listening experience. As your tastes grow and evolve, so does You FM.

The new player will let users “vote on individual songs, tune stations towards familiar or adventurous sounds, and pivot stations based on favorite tracks” in order to fine tune stations. You’ll even be able to listen to others’ You FM stations. An endless station that’s automatically customized to the user’s listening habits seems like a must have feature for apps competing with Pandora and Spotify, and it’s something that Apple’s upcoming iTunes Radio app will take advantage of heavily.

The Rdio iOS app has already received the update and the new features are available on Android and the web app as well.

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