Apple iPhone Becomes Available Through Verizon Wireless

According to a report by AllThingsD, Apple will debut its latest iPhone lineup during a special event on September 10th, just a month from today. The report doesn’t specify as to which models will be announced at the event, but if rumors are to be believed, we may see the highly anticipated iPhone 5S as well as a new, low-cost iPhone 5C.

There’s been much speculation as to when exactly Apple will unveil its latest lineup as the company has been unusually quiet about new products over the last year. Many are also wondering whether or not Apple will break its traditional iPhone lineup (introducing a new iPhone and shuffling older models down to lower price points) or if it will in fact produce a cheaper, plastic iPhone to cater to demands for Apple to enter new, lower-cost markets.

We’re excited to see what the company has in store for this event as well as what they’ve been planning for new product categories. While the report doesn’t postulate the appearance of an entirely new product category, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has expressed a deep interest in both wearable technologies, given credibility to the rumored iWatch, as well as the television.

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17 Responses to “Apple will reportedly unveil the next iPhone on Sept. 10”

  1. PMZanetti says:

    Cater to? No. Bloggers still don’t understand the iPhone 5C.

    The $0 & $99 (+2 year) price points have been insanely popular, as have the off-contract prices of the phones that have slid down into that category. Apple knows these price points are big, and would rather sell iPhones at those prices, than simply selling fewer iPhones.
    So far the way to do it is continue making last year’s phone (which doesn’t go down in cost) at a lower price.
    But Apple has a new plan to blow this out of the water. A brand new iPhone design, that is every bit as capable and modern as an iPhone 5, that is designed with cost in mind. This will allow fair off-contract pricing, unheard of for the iPhone in this category. Probably $399 & $449 (but more likely $449 & $499). But the real killer will be the ON-contract pricing…getting an 8 GB iPhone 5C subsidized with 2 year contract for $0….HUGE. Parents will eat this one up for their teens who want iPhones. All people who are budget conscious but want a NEW iPhone…bingo.
    The people who still want the latest and greatest will get it. But there will be a great iPhone offering for everyone. They will sell more iPhones in the U.S. after this launch then ever before. And will really, really kill it for the holidays.

    • I love Apple’s past products just as much as the next guy and have used them for almost 20 years now. I also mean this with all due respect but do you actually know any teenagers? All of my friends kids have not wanted an iPhone for a couple of years now. Mainly due to being left behind in features they want (cameras and screen size). The iPhone 5c can be free on contract here in the states but if Apple wants to make any headway in EU and Asia they had better get the off contract pricing lower as well.
      There’s a reason why Android dominates activations in these areas of the globe but the big Android players (Samsung, HTC, and Motorola) don’t show the same growth. Cheaper phones have moved in and taken the place of feature phones in these areas.

      • nmpomes says:

        I AM a teenager, and everyone I know asks me when the next iPhone is gonna come out so they can go buy it. It’s still very popular with teens. Phones like the Galaxy S4 are getting more popular among teens, but only really in the past year. I don’t see how any teenagers could not have wanted an iPhone for a couple of years now, it has only been out for about 6 years, and it’s still extremely popular.

  2. it better be a complete fucking breakthrough, or I’m switching to Google Moto X.

  3. rogifan says:

    It doesn’t contradict what Oppenheimer said. He was referring to the next earnings call, which is in October.

  4. Len Williams says:

    Zach Kahn states that Apple has been unusually quiet about new products “this year” — as opposed to all previous years when Apple readily announced all upcoming products?

    Do your research to avoid making yourself look entirely uninformed and out of touch. Apple has, since their inception, ALWAYS been very secretive about what products they have in the development pipeline. It is one of the cornerstone attributes of their marketing that builds customer anticipation, media attention and suspense. You incorrectly make it sound like Apple has somehow changed gears and all of a sudden isn’t announcing the products it’s working on, and this is entirely false.

    • Zach Kahn says:

      With due respect, I’m referring to Apple’s lack of products throughout the year. Save for an iPad with increased storage, a fifth generation iPod touch at a lower storage capacity, and spec-bumped MacBook Airs, nothing new has come out of Apple since the iPad mini last Fall.

      • nelmat says:

        You seem to be forgetting the new iMac in December and the fourth generation iPad with lightning connector. So… Nothing new out of apple in the last year except… New iPad, new iMac, iPad mini, spec bumped airs, new iPod touch… Yes – a very quiet twelve months. Oh, and not forgetting new pro software this month and he new Mac Pro announced earlier in the year alongside iOS 7 and Mavericks.

        What a quiet year!

      • nmpomes says:

        It won’t let me reply directly to nelmat’s comment, but here is what I have to say to him. Zach is saying that Apple hasn’t had a new product event since 2012. (Not including the minor updates at WWDC in June) He isn’t saying that Apple hasn’t done anything or hasn’t released anything, since then, but they haven’t had any major product updates since 2012, besides the MacBook Air, which was mostly just a battery improvement. Not to say that wasn’t a big deal, it gives a huge boost in battery life, but they didn’t have an event in the first part of the year like they usually do. And Len Williams, if anyone is making themselves look “entirely uninformed, and out of touch” it is definitely you. So, thank you Zach for writing this article. Great job, can’t wait for more news.

      • Zach Kahn says:

        @nelmat Compared to previous years, this is an exceptionally quiet year for Apple (thus far). That’s not to say that they haven’t been working on things (read: iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, updated products for existing lines, and new product categories), but nothing substantial has been released yet.

        @nmpomes Thanks! Will continue to keep you and the rest of the community updated. :-)

  5. mkimid says:

    I have no idea about the technical view. but, I just say a feeling of iOS 7 beta 5, there are some bugs, and it become very unstable with some apps, and Safari become more unstable also. Anyway, after fine tune for speed, it lost some stability, I feel it is so hard to finish the tuning of iOS 7 till Sep 10.
    Apple have got an experience with Apple’s map in iOS 6. If they make any critical issues in iOS 7, they will lost completely

    • Agree whole heartily. Everything after Beta 3 has been getting less and less usable. Personally I don’t like the design changes they’ve made in recent betas but that just a personal view. Safari on the other hand is registering and touch input as a tap even when scrolling. I can barley read a news article with out being brought to a new page. :(

  6. I would be happy if it was right tomorrow but I think it won’t even be in September. I’m counting on October. From my point of view, I give them time to finish everything what needs to be finished :)

  7. 1.) Coming from AllThingsD and and confirmed by Jim Dalrymple with an infamous “Yep” might as well be Apple sending out a press invite, so sorry Miroslav.
    2.) I don’t know about other people, but everything SINCE Beta 1 has been a vast improvement with each Beta release as far as stability is concerned. I had several apps that wouldn’t even launch with Betas 1-3 that now launch with 4 and 5. There are some bugs, but not nearly as many as Beta 1. I feel like they should hit this date with iOS 7 and iPhones 5S and 5C.