If the iPhone 5C is launched in China at $400, and Apple’s partnership with China Mobile for a TDD-LTE version of the handset proceeds as expected, Apple’s market share in China could jump by a massive 19.3 percent – enough to make Apple the number one seller.

The prediction, reported in Fortune, was made by Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty on the back of an AlphaWise survey of 2,000 mobile phone owners in China. Full details below … 

Huberty’s note to clients suggested that the expected pricing of the 5C was acceptable in China, and that a TDD-LTE version (compatible with Mobile China’s 4G network) would further boost appeal.

iPhone 5C will drive incremental volume growth

  • Chinese consumers consider US$486 (or RMB 4,000) to be an acceptable price range for the lower-priced iPhone, 22% higher than where we think Apple will price it.
  • In contrast, the acceptable price ranges for Samsung S4 Mini and HTC One Mini were lower than the expected price.

A partnership with China Mobile will increase Apple’s smartphone share in China

  • 29% of potential smartphone buyers would purchase the iPhone if it were compatible with China Mobile’s 3G and 4G networks.

Huberty suggests that the predicted gains would be summed: 13.3 percent from the 5C launch, and a further 6 percent from TDD-LTE compatibility. This would leave the iPhone the best-selling smartphone in China, pushing it ahead of Samsung, the current leader.

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4 Responses to “Survey suggests iPhone 5C could make Apple the top-seller in the world’s largest market – China”

  1. mkimid says:

    Just a dreaming without considering the culture/behavior of Chinese,


  2. Jim Phong says:

    Fake surveys. Over 95% of chinese people just can’t afford a $300-$500 smartphone anyway.
    The rich ones can already buy the true iPhone.
    The iPhone 5C is last attempt by Tim Cook to make Apple go bankrupt.
    Just like iPad Mini lowered sales of the iPad and overall profits for Apple… the iPhone 5C will end up lowering product value and profits generate by iPhone to Apple.


  3. Based on 2000 people compare with 1.3 Billion population, the survey is too poorly done… the Rich and Poor are so much different… and Chinese Culture was very different and complicated. Just put it this way, Apple will gain some share but Apple will be more of less the same position they are now.. this is My prediction..