There’s no shortage of iOS file-viewer apps out there, but TechCrunch drew our attention to Doctape Viewer, a freemium app which claims to support more file formats and more cloud services than any other. The app enables you to view more than 80 different types of file, spanning office documents, images, audio, video and more.

While there’s a bunch of services allowing accessing files on the go, users are still suffering from the limited filetypes supported by their mobile devices. With the release of doctape Viewer, we’re opening our background conversion-services to work with about every existing service & app there is … 

The free version of the app offers two conversions per day, with unlimited conversions available via a $0.99 upgrade to the Pro edition. You do, though, need a net connection as the conversion is cloud-based, using the conversion engine from the company’s own cloud storage service doctape – files to go.

Supported file formats include:

  • Adobe PDF files (PDF)
  • Microsoft Office files (Word DOC/DOCX, Excel XLS/XLSX, Powerpoint PPT/PPTM/PPTX)
  • Libre Office & Open Office files (ODT, ODT, SXW, STW)
  • Text-files (RTF, TXT, CSV)
  • Audio files (MP3, M4A, AACF, AIFF, WAV, ALAC)
  • Video files (MP4, MOV, MPV, M4V, 3GP)
  • Image & vector files (JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, AI, NEF, ARF)
  • Adobe Photoshop files (PSD)

The app is available from iTunes.

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3 Responses to “Doctape claims to be most comprehensive iOS file-viewing app, 80+ file types supported”

  1. Nice app. Free plus $0.99 to go pro. Easy buy. Check out the middle screenshot of their app in iTunes, red T-shirt. LOL


  2. It seems kind of deceptive to me. It says that it “works with all your existing apps and services” yet it doesn’t work with iCloud. As a more tech inclined person, I can see why it wouldn’t, but the average person is going to read that and be misled.


  3. No SMB / AFP support, also no iCloud support. The Fawk? Looks like a piece ‘o junk app to me.