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Not only did the iPod (Rasputin) Classic not die as predicted (again) today, Apple is wrapping the ‘old man of the iPods’ up with its Apple Care Plus plans along with the more popular iPod touch. According to the updated iPod support page, Apple customers can now purchase an additional year of coverage for the iPods as well as phone support beyond 90 days and most importantly, two incidents of accidental damage coverage (+$29 service fee) for $59 here.

Previously, only regular AppleCare as available to iPods and was grouped in with Apple TVs.

Apple also raised AppleCare+ fees today on iPhones from $49 to $79 and also launched in Europe.

Update: We have also learned that out of warranty replacements for the iPhone 5 (and presumably 5s) will be priced at $269, an increase of $40 over the past year. This inflated cost may make it easier for iPhone owners to justify the up-front cost of AppleCare+.

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4 Responses to “Apple quietly adds $59 AppleCare+ for iPod touch and iPod Classic”

  1. Glad to see the old man of the iPod family is still hanging on. I love my silver classic! Still, nothing lasts forever, and I think I will get a back up classic just to be safe.


  2. Jim Phong says:

    The issue here is that the standard AppleCare that can be enabled within 1-year from activation of an Apple device it’s not available anymore on Apple to buy online.
    So whoever didn’t buy an AppleCare won’t be able to buy an AppleCare+ that requires to be bought during the first 30 days.


  3. I still use my iPod 160GB Classic daily because it is the only iDevice that has enough storage. Storage is cheap but Apple won’t up the options. Bad news is that the iCloud is not always available or works. Definitely not ready for prime time.