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Following an extensive period of betas for developers, Apple has publicly released OS X 10.8.5. The update is available from the Mac App Store Software’s Update section and is recommended for all users on OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4.

The OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5 Update is recommended for all OS X Mountain Lion users. It improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac. This update:

  • Fixes an issue that may prevent Mail from displaying messages
  • Improves AFP file transfer performance over 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Resolves an issue that may prevent a screen saver from starting automatically
  • Improves Xsan reliability
  • Improves reliability when transferring large files over Ethernet
  • Improves performance when authenticating to an Open Directory server
  • Addresses an issue that prevented a smart card from unlocking preference panes in System Preferences
  • Contains the improvements included in MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Software Update 1.0

The build number for the public release is 12F37, which is a single build over the most recent beta. Apple has also issued RAW Camera Compatibility updates and a new version of Safari. Later next month, Apple will release OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

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22 Responses to “Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 with Mail, WiFi, screensaver fixes”

  1. What are the improvements included in MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Software Update 1.0?


  2. Hamza Sheikh says:

    I hope OS X 10.8.5 update finally will fix the USB issue on my new MacBook Air (mid-2013).


  3. Linus Levey says:

    its not showing up in my update section on my macbook air running 10.8.4


  4. gpy (@gpy) says:

    Quite strange… I’ve applied the update but my retina didn’t reboot properly. Had to force the shutdown and just after it installed the upgrade, it has rebooted again… Very tempted to re-install the combo…


  5. Matt Miller says:

    Will they ever fix the “white Screen” issue when waking the mac up from sleep?


  6. Chris Bleile says:

    Now that I have this every time a pull my usb to ethernet adapter out I get the white screen of death.


  7. Weird, I’m only seeing this update on one of 3 10.8.4 machines.


  8. 802.11ac???? No current machine has that… does this mean it is going to be in the next macbook pros????


  9. This update also fixes the arabic string CoreText rendering bug


  10. Fred Mezger says:

    Just installed on iMac 27″ 2.7 GHz Core i5 and Bluetooth is grayed out and says not available in Menu Bar, not in evidence in System Preferences. The Bluetooth trackpad operates but won’t scroll and I’m typing this on an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, but the fn-Back doesn’t forward delete. Can’t wait to see how it works on the other Macs I’m updating…


    • I am having the exact same issue. My Magic Trackpad went to super-slow tracking, and no longer scrolls after the upgrade. When I go to System Preferences, the system says no trackpad is installed (even though that is what I am using to navigate at that moment).


  11. Fred Mezger says:

    It works now. Turned off the devices, restarted. The Bluetooth symbol at the top of the screen was as it should be. Turned on the devices, and they worked. The Bluetooth stuff feels good again (And I feel a tad foolish…)


  12. Chris Brown says:

    With this update, they also managed to remove access to the FaceTime camera for 32-bit programs. As such, Skype video doesn’t work with 10.8.5, at least not on the MacBook Air 13-inch Late 2013!


  13. Bill Goodman says:

    10.8.5 breaks the wifi connection with my 2011 Mac Mini. All Support forum fixes don’t work. I’d advise backing up your computer before applying the update just in case.


  14. Lots of people, myself included, having issues with audio not working when using HDMI after waking from sleep, after updating to 10.8.5. Need to reboot to get audio working again. Not happy! :-(


  15. Cannot found camera on facebook video calling after installing this update. can someone help me with my problem?


  16. Bob Curnow says:

    MANY THANKS!!!! to Fred M for his :fix” after installing 10.8.5. I had the exact same situation after installing 10.8.5 over 10.8.4 – the System thought my trackpad was a mouse, and Bluetooth was nowhere to be found – again the icon in the upper bar said “not available. Hit the restart, turned both trackpad (remove batteries) and keyboard (logitech 760) off – after restart, Bluetooth available, batteries in, keyboard on – YES!!! Again, kudos to Fred M!!!!


  17. I lost my facebook video calling camera. It keeps on showing no camera sign after installing this version. Hope Apple company will do something soon…


  18. Daniel Cox says:

    I have a macbook pro, have full 10.8.5 and my wifi is not stable. My camera for skype and facetime went long ago. I was unsure if it was hardware or software but the forum points to sofware. Very disappointed with macs and OS X at present.


  19. Andrew Grant says:

    Anyone with a late 2008 Macbook or Macbook Pro should go to the Apple support communities and read the posts about 10.8.5. There is lots of activity, including my own experience, that this update contains an Airport update that disables WiFi on those models. I spent hours with tech support to no avail and ended up in an Apple Store Genius Bar where they took me back to 10.8.3. Needed to wipe the hard drive and start anew. Everyone should make sure their systems are backed up before installing this.