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While the iPhone 5c became available for pre-order today in several countries via Apple’s website, Apple is currently not offering pre-orders for the iPhone 5s or reservations for pickup at Apple Stores for either model. However, this will change on September 17th in China. Apple began noting this on its website on the day the new iPhones were announced, and MacTrast brought it to our attention today.

Starting on September 17th, customers visiting both the general China Apple website and the Hong Kong Apple website will be able to reserve either an iPhone 5s or an iPhone 5c for pickup at an Apple Store. In line with the official launch date of the new devices, the pickups will begin on September 20th. At the Apple Store, employees will help customers who reserve devices choose carrier plans and setup the iPhone…

Apple’s move to open up reservations for the new iPhones is not unprecedented. Apple used a similar ordering strategy in China for previous product releases – such as with the third-generation iPad last year. Apple product launches in China have been notorious for large crowds, egg-throwing at Apple Store windows, and scalping. The reservation system for these two new iPhones should help combat the issues from years past.

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The iPhone 5c went on pre-order earlier today in several countries and supplies have thus-far remained available for delivery on September 20th. The only signs of constraints for the 5c thus far involve the Yellow model. Online orders for the iPhone 5s will begin as the clock turns to September 20th, and stores will open up at 8 AM local time.

Apple has been moving strong in China in recent years, with Apple CEO Tim Cook referring to the market as a “hypermarket.” The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch marks the first time that Apple will hold an iPhone release in China in tandem with the other initial launch countries. Apple is also expected to announce an iPhone partnership with China Mobile’s network (the largest in China) later this year.

On September 20th, the new iPhones will also launch in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, and Puerto Rico. Hundreds of other countries will gain the new iPhone as the year progresses.

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6 Responses to “China Apple Stores to start taking iPhone 5s & 5c reservations Sept. 17, pickup Sept. 20”

  1. Wow that is really lame. I mean it’s great if you are in China, but as a long time Apple user in the US, it’s hard not to be annoyed by this news.


    • Well, its kind of the only way to work in Hong Kong / China. When the Iphone 5 came out if I remember correctly they were all sold out within a day because Chinese mainlanders were flocking to Hong Kong and buying dozens at a time.

      Implementing a reservation system that requires ID and such stops that.


  2. PMZanetti says:

    Apple had better open up reservation for in-store pickup for the 20th. I don’t care how limited supply is, they shouldn’t be treating customers this way by turning us into pawns in their little media frenzy spectacular. The least they can do is let people reserve from available inventory, and show up to pick it up like normal human beings. Not this free-for-all line up and see what happens nonsense.