Facebook announced on its blog today that it’s rolling out a new update for iOS 7 (alongside just about every other developer today) that brings a brand new iOS 7 style design to the app. On top of a lighter color palette and the new iOS 7 translucent top bar, you’ll also now be able to “swipe from left to right to get back to News Feed” after tapping a story.

There are some other tweaks included in the update as well. The iPhone app, for example, now includes a new tab style menu along the bottom of the screen. The new menu design is something Facebook has actually been testing with many users in recent months, although not with the new iOS 7 design included in today’s update. Facebook is hoping the new menu makes it “easier to switch from News Feed to your friend requests, messages or notifications.”

The new Facebook app for iOS has begun rolling out to the App Store. A video of the new design in action is below:

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9 Responses to “Facebook updates iOS app with new look for iOS 7”

  1. How do I force iOS7 App Store to check for more updates? In iOS6, I had to force kill the app and it would refresh the update tab. Now, force killing (swiping up in the multitask view?) doesn’t allow the app store to refresh the update tab.


  2. Matt Parker says:

    Such a shame Apple doesn’t have the money or experience to properly prepare for this release. I’ve given up trying to download it.


  3. Brian Skoog says:

    They missed the point. Squaring off the corners does not equal iOS 7 look and feel. Lots of wasted space.


  4. Corey Knock says:

    if the update is not showing up in your update screen just go look up the facebook app in the app store and you will be able to re download it and it will replace the older one. but be warned it is not a good update. i personally don’t like it.


  5. I don’t get why they decided to waste pixels with a fixed bottom toolbar. It was much better having it integrated into the top bar.


  6. OMG this update SUCKS!!! If i wanted a “Windows” look i would have got a Windos phone… what the heck is wrong with Apple… I dont want Android or windows phone… iOS7 is lame!! the icons and colors where perfect before… why mess with perfection.. it was what set you guys apart form every other phone system out there… LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!