Yesterday LinkedIn presented a new service called Intro that integrates LinkedIn contact information directly in your iPhone’s Mail app, but it looks like the social networking service is launching to a rather dismal reception.

According to a quick poll held by Polar, more than 80% of users answered negatively when asked if having email proxied was worth native LinkedIn headers.

Personally, I found the setup process especially unfriendly for the audience being served (it’s much more technical than downloading an app via the App Store). Of course, if you have no quibbles with LinkedIn mediating your email for the benefit of a little integration, you can try the service for yourself here.


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3 Responses to “Are LinkedIn users largely disinterested in its new Intro service?”

  1. I wouldn’t use this, and I’m a pretty big LinkedIn user. CardMunch, however is great. But of course they bought that.


  2. “Are LinkedIn users largely disinterested in its new Intro service?”



  3. Actual conversation that just happened yesterday:

    Me: Did you google me on LinkedIn before you hired me to check what endorsements I had?
    Supervisor: No. Who even uses LinkedIn?