A second analyst has warned that supplies of the Retina iPad mini are likely to be “ridiculously tight”, after KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously predicted they would be “highly constrained.” The comment comes from Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet research at IHS electronis and media, quoted in the Telegraph.

Apple could face supply issues for the iPad mini 2 with Retina, as its supply is one third the size of its shipments from this time last year, an analyst said.

Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet research at IHS electronis and media, said: “The supply of the Retina Mini is going to be ridiculously tight in the fourth quarter … 

While analyst predictions are not always noted for their accuracy, Kuo has tended to be a reliable source, including on the new iPads, correctly predicting that neither new iPad would have Touch ID nor would be available in gold.

It’s also notable that while Apple states “iPad Air […] will be available […] starting on Friday, November 1,” it was rather more vague with its smaller brother, stating only that it “will be available later in November.” The vagueness is reportedly deliberate as Apple works behind the scenes to boost supplies.

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6 Responses to “Retina iPad mini could be the new gold iPhone 5s, with ‘ridiculously tight’ supplies”

  1. bubffm says:

    Yep, we heard that story before on Touch ID and iPhone 5s just recently. Can you remind me just how accurate that story was ;)


  2. mrjoblog says:

    Why doesn’t Apple use more of its $ta$h to boost production (by investing in development of its partners)?


  3. jak24 says:

    no no
    if this was the case, why would apple release the new ipad mini in so many countries in November? even here in austria it says “ships later in November” … and on the opposite the new iPhones will just arrive tomorrow here in Austria


  4. Im happy its finally released but it the iPads should have had Touch ID and also does AirDrop work on new iPads