Image of the mall where the Apple Store will be located

Image of the mall where the Apple Store will be located

Apple currently plans to expand its retail store presence to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil early next year, according to information provided by a source. This person says that Apple is targeting a store opening between February and March 2014, but delays due to construction and staffing are always possible.

Approximately one year ago, Apple confirmed to various media outlets in Brazil that it is planning to open a store in the country. However, Apple has remained mum on when this store would open. “We look forward to the opening of the first Apple Store in Brazil, where we have long standing customers and hope to win many more each day,” the company said last year…

The source says that Apple’s retail expansion into South America is a high priority, and the company will begin seeking Apple retail employees from its U.S. stores to relocate to Rio de Janeiro for several months in the first half of 2014. Apple is said to want the U.S. employees to work in the new store in order to demonstrate and teach Apple’s retail practices. These America-based employees will also serve as temporary employees that can assist customers during this time period.

A second source added that Apple had originally planned to open the store in July of this year, but issues relating to hiring enough people to manage the store caused a delay. Though this type of delay could re-occur, the March timeframe is currently being targeted the launch window.

The opening of the Apple Store in Rio de Janeiro during this time period, a source added, is perfectly scheduled to occur in the few months before the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The internationally-watched sporting event takes place between June and July of 2014 at a stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Tourists visiting the event from across the globe will likely bring an uptake in visits to the new Apple retail in the region. This move would not be unprecedented: in the months prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Apple opened up a flagship store in the city.

The Rio de Janeiro store will be located in the Village Mall shopping center, and the store has been under construction since 2012. This Brazil-based store will not be the only notable Apple Store launch in early 2014 as Apple is planning to open up its first Tokyo store since 2005.

Apple’s connection to Brazil has expanded over the past few years with the company’s collaboration with Foxconn to move some iOS Device production to the region.

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18 Responses to “Apple plans to open first store in Brazil by March 2014”

  1. I’m scared for this Apple store. I’m from Brazil and I can tell you that, with no doubt in my mind, some insane Brazilian gang will plan some sort of robbery here. The fact that it’s in Rio, one of the country’s biggest areas of what is known to be a favela (VERY poor), just makes it all worse. Best of luck to Apple on this one!


    • The lack of respect that you have for your country scares me. You took the effort to come here and write this ridiculous lie to hundreds of people simply because you envy Rio. (And apparently has never been here, since you don’t know a thing about this city).


      • Cesar Santos says:

        I agree with you!


      • Dani Estrela says:

        That’s racist!

        Barra da Tijuca is one of the richest neighborhoods/district in the city of Rio de Janeiro and has no favela near Village Mall. In fact, it is surrounded by the finest condo complex in the city. This is not the wild west with gangs lurking and waiting to rob a store.

        Village Mall is something like Bal Harbour Shopping or Mall at Millenia.


      • I apologize to anyone I offended through my comment. Maybe I shouldn’t have come off so strong on my opinion by being negative. For you to tell me I’ve never been to a country I was BORN in, is pretty ignorant don’t you think? Brazil isn’t a bad country at all. In fact, I can even tell you Brazilians are some of the happiest people I’ve ever met.

        Anyways, the best way I can explain Rio is something like California. Literally the most beautiful place on earth in some areas but at the same time it has it’s VERY bad areas. I wasn’t aware of this mall district and it’s exact location so that is why I take back my comment. Again, I am sorry to anyone I offended. We’re all grown ups here.


    • Meu amigo Vitor, tudo bem? Me explica aí porque esse sentimento sobre o Rio e Brasil?
      Porque vc como outros brasileiros adoram falar mal do Brasil para os gringos?
      Para a sua informção a loja será instalada no Shopping mais chique do Brasil e até mais q o Cidade Jardim de SP, com várias lojas de marcas estrangeiras e até mais cara que qualquer loja da Apple, como a Louis Vitton, Prada, Gucci e outras. Tudo bem monitorado por câmeras.
      Nem existe favela por perto deste shopping!
      Os gringos não reclamam de seus países para os brasileiro e nem o difamam!


    • Davi Arruda says:

      LIAR! Don’t believe this guy. He is probably from São Paulo.


  2. I would like to remember that Brasil is always the latest country to receive the apple products, iPad Mini was launch in Brasil almost 9 mouths after USA launch.


  3. When you said “notable” you missed the Turkey-Istanbul Apple Store which is going to open in the first half(possibly January 2014) of 2014 as well.


  4. This news are wrong in so may ways!

    First of all, it’s due to open at the end of this year (the most likely date is December 7th). Second, the store isn’t under construction since last year, it just started a few months ago, although the place where it will be constructed is closed since 2012. For 2014 it’s expected another store in São Paulo.


  5. Cesar Santos says:

    I agree with Felipe Lauton. A brazilian blog called blogdoiphone has posted some pictures about this first brazilian store. São Paulo is a biggest city in Brazil with 12 million people, please open a store here, everytime I need to buy some Apple gadget I do it outside Brasil.


  6. frikova says:

    Now Apple, where are the Apple Stores in Mexico? I know that authorized resellers (iShop, MacShop) are working great, but it surely would be noce to have official presence here.


  7. esse Vitor, certeza que a namorada meteu-lhe um chifrão com um carioca !


  8. I participated in the selection process to the last step and say that the store manager is already defined, it will be a manager barcelona.
    I think they are curling up in hiring specialists and retailers at the same time, since they have interviewed more than 600, according to them.


  9. Lisa Cereyon says:

    Ah Apple, fui reprovada na última etapa do processo de seleção para trabalhar na retail store RJ, imagina se eu ficasse esperando a loja abrir até março do ano que vem? No more comments.