Update: the new version is available now.

Today Twitter has announced they will be updating their official app for iOS, making it easier to discover what is happening on the microblogging network. The update adds new search filters that allow you to quickly navigate to specific people and Tweets. The filters also allow you to toggle between all relevant Tweets and only the most popular “top Tweets.”

Filters will also allow you to filter by different media types, such as photos and videos. There’s also an option to see Tweets only from the people you follow. The update includes includes a new timeline in the Discover tab that makes it easier to see what’s currently trending. This trending timeline will show topics that are associated with nearby events and TV shows.

Twitter has posted a preview of the updated app on Vine.

This update to the free Twitter client will be available soon in the App Store.

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3 Responses to “Twitter announces upcoming iPhone app update with new search filters (update: available now)”

  1. If they add more crap it will get to the point where 1 tweet will fill the whole screen.


  2. lycius84 says:

    Hopefully it will fix the iPhone 5s Touch ID issue when the app is left opened and the phone locks.


  3. Simon eMKa says:

    They also made so changes to the icons and typography. Problem : Twitter now uses the iPhone settings (under iOS7). But the fonts are now DAMN TOO SMALL. They should put the option to choose the font size back :(