A few days after Fiksu showed how much better iOS is than Android when it comes to allowing older devices to upgrade to to the latest operating system, and most analytics companies were reporting iOS 7 penetration of around three-quarters of devices, Apple has updated its developer site to show that iOS 7 penetration is at 74 percent.

Apple’s data is likely the most reliable, based on visits to the App Store during a 7-day period ending on 1st December. iOS 7 adoption was incredibly fast, helped by record opening weekend sales of the new iPhones, and has grown a further 10 percent in the past two months.

The numbers are in sharp contrast to Android, where the latest KitKat version (Android 4.4) is at just 1.1 percent and the previous 4.3 version of Jelly Bean at just 4.2 percent.

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12 Responses to “Apple officially confirms three-quarters of iDevices now running iOS 7”

  1. does it mean 74% of all eligible devices or all devices (like including 3GS etc also)?


  2. So, what’s the big deal? Most consumers use only a fraction of a smartphone’s capability.


  3. Gregg Mojica says:

    Amazing – take that, KitKat!


  4. Gregg Mojica says:

    Reblogged this on Apple Rumors and commented:
    AppleRumors.NET provided this information to 9to5Mac.com. We are excited to hear that iOS 7 is now available on almost 3/4 of all devices.


  5. PMZanetti says:

    …meanwhile, it is frustrating the hell out of anyone running anything other than an iPad Air, iPhone 5, or 5s.

    I’m a big fan of iOS 7, but I will not pretend that it doesn’t have major glitches, even on just-released flagship products. It also has severe stability issues on devices that are NOT old enough to deserve such little consideration (iPad 3 & iPhone 4S).

    Apple can’t patch the problems fast enough, and even releases a sloppy and extremely glitchy iOS 7.1 beta, that they couldn’t even be bothered to update after 2 weeks because of the time they lost over the holidays.

    I cannot remember a time in the history of iOS that the current shipping software was THIS unstable and unacceptable to such a large percentage of users. I don’t understand how Execs at Apple are tolerating this far less than perfect user experience.

    I mean, through 4 point updates and 1 beta of dot1…they haven’t even addressed the Unlock animation…slow and unresponsive. Can’t scroll from one page to the next unless I wait out the Home Screen painfully slow fly in.


  6. Whats strange with this is, why does apple rely on app store visits to get the numbers?? wont they have upgrade numbers from their upgrade servers??. Coz this is not android where upgrades happen from multiple sources like different carriers. There it makes sense to collect numbers from app store, coz there is no other possible way out there. But with apple it should be fairly straight fwd. I definitely feel something fishy here. Not everyone goes to app store every week.. This will definitely will not give the right numbers


  7. At this point in time, since Google and co. are still not addressing the fragmentation problem, I can only conclude that Android fragmentation is intentional. The android market caters to the low end/cheap smartphone. People in the low end of the market do not upgrade their phones often because of the lack of disposable income. so to entice these people to buy new phones they only offer the latest software on the latest phones. Basically if you want kitkat, buy a new phone. Also the draw for android is not the hardware, it’s the software. So again they allow fragmentation and use the software as leverage.


  8. Winski says:

    Release 7.1 and you’ll have some more.